Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Training Tuesday

Tempest is still attending her puppy agility class. She gets to have fun and just play on the agility equipment. She really enjoys the tunnels.

Tempest doing the teeter, she doesn't like the movement and the sound of it so this is going to be something we have to work on with her.

 photo EJWB_8844_zps03021169.jpg

Lots of treats to try to get her on the teeter

 photo EJWB_8852_zps64dff7b3.jpg

Doing the A Frame

 photo EJWB_8850_zps8c30db62.jpg

Her favorite thing of the night

 photo EJWB_8848_zps032ee757.jpg

Give me a cookie already dadster!

 photo EJWB_8845_zps87999410.jpg

Having fun doing the tunnels

Doing the A Frame


  1. We don't think WE would like that teeter totter thinyg much either...
    BUTT the other stuffs look like fun.
    We are glad that you are enjoying MOST of them.

  2. So glad to hear Srarr is better!!! Tempest is doing so well!!!! Good for you!!

  3. Adorable! Do you have a skateboard she could try at home? Maybe that would help with the teeter. But she will get it any way I am sure!

  4. I think the little cutie is doing wonderful!

  5. She looks like she's really enjoying herself.


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