Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A few events

This past weekend two of mom's favorite dog events happened. Saturday night they took Tempest to CHA's Picnic with the Pups. It is held at CHA Animal Shelter and they close down the road and have bands playing, beer tent (no we don't drink but lots do), rescue groups, vendors, police dog demos, etc. It is a lot of fun. We went to help our friends at Brilliant K9 (They make the harnesses we wear). They asked for help at their booth and are SO nice so we offered to help them out. Tempie made a great model and was showing off her harness and labels for those looking to buy one. They also had a peanut butter eating contest, Tempie didn't do very well at that, she was savoring the peanut butter, BOL. But they did have a trick contest and Tempest came in 2nd place. She got a new tug toy with a tennis ball on the end of it, which anyone that knows her knows this is the PERFECT toy for her. Sorry, dadster didn't feel like lugging his camera around so no photos this time.

Sunday we went to Pup-A-Poolza at Alum Creek Dog park. Boy was it HOT out. We looked around at the vendors and then hit the beach area. Tempie and I (Sagira) got to go swimming. We had so much fun swimming. Just as we were leaving the news station (Channel 10) was coming in to film the pups swimming. Funny how everyone was following the camera guy and coming in. We got out of there just in time, BOL. Again no pics, but it was fun.


  1. mom missed you on Saturday at Picnic with the Pups - she didn't make it this was just too darned hot for her (plus she had about a bazillion things going on)

  2. Sounds like you all had a great weekend.

  3. They both sound like a lot of fun, especially that picnic! I really wish we had stuff like that around here.

  4. THAT was so NICE of you to help your furends. WE know your collars and they are SUPER.

  5. I think you all always have fun!!!

  6. Sounds like some great events! It is OK sometimes to just have fun without getting photos. Let's us use our imaginations and pretend we were there.

  7. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the day, and not worry about the camera - we do that too. We are glad you had lots of fun!


  8. Oh, that's too bad there are no pics!!!
    Well, the important thing was that you had funs!
    Ruby ♥

  9. Sounds like fun, I actually went wading when we walked on the beach with Tammy. ~Fenris


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