Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 4 of Puppy Class

We are behind on puppy class updates as well. Tempie actually graduated puppy class this week. But here are the pics from week 4.

Week 4, they got introduced to a lot of new things, walkers, moving objects, balance balls, tunnels, steps. We never dreamed Tempie would have an issue with steps as we live in a bi-level home. Tempie does steps EVERY day. But for some reason she was a bit scared of the steps in class. Took a lot of coaxing to get her up them.

 photo EJWB_3625_zpsa16c6ee5.jpg

But she is a good girl and did them

 photo EJWB_3628_zpsb25e2bfe.jpg

They had ramps and mirrors for them to get used to

 photo EJWB_3631_zps090f1f88.jpg

Tempie was a pro at the balance balls since we have her do the one at home

 photo EJWB_3618_zps34aadd52.jpg

Got to check out puzzle toys

 photo EJWB_3616_zps348612b4.jpg

Instructor Ray giving dad some tips

 photo EJWB_3614_zpsf9d2da8d.jpg

She LOVES the tunnels already

 photo EJWB_3635_zpsa49a9cf2.jpg

Here are some videos from class as well. This is Tempest checking out and being scared to death of an opening umbrella, oops!

This is an exercise where dad has to walk up to the other person, shake their hands and not have Tempest go over to the other dog. Pretty good for only 5 months old.

And this is practice on recall


  1. Umbrellas Scare US Too!!! they are the devil's Spawn.

  2. Tempie sure looks cute doing all that fun stuffs. I am not sure I would like going through a tunnel. I have never tried, but I am thinking I would not be a fan of it.

  3. I would say that was darn impressive!!!

  4. OMD! Tempie, you are a Rock Star gurl!!! Oh, Ma wishes they had something like this when I was a pup....I would be much better with 'surprises'.
    I'm so proud of you Tempie!

  5. Tempest is doing wonderful.


  6. Tempest is doing very well for such a young girl...but then again she lives in a house full of superstar examples!


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