Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 3 of Puppy Class

Mom and dad were running late and didn't get to fix the camera to the correct setting and well mom is CLUELESS when it comes to the camera so she was stuck with how it was set. Sorry for the blurry pics this week.

This week they introduced a lot of new things that are used in agility training. Tempie had this one down since we already did the 2 on 2 off board with her at home

 photo BJWB_3408_zps1c7e6262.jpg

Doing great on all the obstacles

 photo BJWB_3409_zpsb36cd8ce.jpg

Each week a person has to speak about the breed of dog they have. This week was dad's turn. Tempie decided she could play on the board and make the people laugh while dad was doing his presentation.

Tempie started out behaving

 photo BJWB_3418_zpsf2f1b648.jpg

Then she decided she would clown around and play on the board and make people laugh

 photo BJWB_3417_zps0f4adf3f.jpg

Tempest doing her first ever agility tunnel

Doing the ladder for the first time. This helps them learn where their feet are


  1. Tempest is so focused.

  2. I love how they break the obstacles down. You can really see your dogs mind working as they add challenges each week.


  3. I love watching Tempest doing and learning to be a wonderful dog!!!!

  4. WOW sweet one, I am tired after all of that!

  5. FUN!!!! Haze just took an agility lesson...
    I'm more of a rally/obedience-on-my-terms kinda' girl so I stayed home :-)


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