Sunday, April 14, 2013

20 Weeks

Oopps....we have been slacking off on the blog. Between momster working mandatory OT, doing rescue stuff, us having trials and mom trying to get everything ready for the Pet Expo in Columbus for her rescue not much free time. Tempest is really 22 weeks old now, but we never got around to her 20 - 22 week photos.

21 weeks (we actually didn't get a photos this week, BOO) but Tempest did some major teething. She was loosing teeth left and right.

20 weeks, really starting to teeth now

 photo 20Weeks-Blog_zps61ce82b9.jpg

19 weeks, biggest change this week is her coat is getting much longer and wavy

 photo 19Weeks-Blog_zps104b9150.jpg18 weeks

18 weeks

 photo 18Weeks-Blog_zps15f5e212.jpg

17 weeks

 photo 17Weeks-Blog_zpsed59d6fd.jpg

16 weeks

 photo 16Weeks-Blog_zps34d76ace.jpg

15 weeks

 photo 15Weeks-Logo-Blog_zpse3a4f7c4.jpg

14 weeks.

 photo 14Weeks-Blog_zps4006e830.jpg 13 weeks

 photo 13Weeks-Blog_zpse0a94fd4.jpg

12 weeks

 photo 12Weeks-Blog_zps05f098f4.jpg

11 weeks

 photo 11Weeks-Blog_zps234f4d4c.jpg

10 weeks


9 weeks



  1. Tempie is REALLY filling out. Has the teefs Fairy come yet???

    PeeS.. PLEASE send me an email from the Addy that you prefer I ALWAYS use...

    PetExpo... think PetExpo

  2. Tempie is finally growing into her ears. She is such a cutie.


  3. Aw! What a great series seeing all these pics one after another like this. How pawsome!!


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