Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Someone has a few more letter behind their name

So last weekend our training club hosted an agility trial here in Columbus. Normally we have to travel about an hour for our trials but this was in our home town. Friday I had the chance to earn my master agility title in standard (MX) and I rocked the course. I got a Q and 10 more MACH points. My chiropractor watched my run because he was there and said I looked nice. I did slip a few times but that was because the turf was a bit slippery. Looks like my back is feeling better and getting more aligned.

Here is video of my standard course earning my MX title

Here is my JWW run. I didn't Q because I dropped a bar and messed up my weave poles, but that is okay. Mom and dad were really happy because I was running fast and seemed happy. At the end you will hear people still cheer because dad and I did FOUR blind crosses in a row. Me and dadster rock the blind crosses. People came up to dad after and told him he needs to have a seminar on blind crosses. haha.

So now....my new name is: Sagira, MX, MXJ, NF, TN-N

Here is a photo of me, dad and the judge I earned my MX title under

 photo BJWB_3872_edited_zpsd3074376.jpg

Also want to say CONGRATS to my friend Stella and her mom on their new title as well. YEAHHH!!!! Stella's mom makes me the best meatballs. I get them only when I am at trials to make me run super fast.

 photo BJWB_3878_edited_zps0901a5f8.jpg


  1. WOW Sagira..... if we tried to put all your Creds behind your name on an ENVELOPE we would have to get a GIANT one. CONGRATULATIONS and grrrrrreat news about your back being better!!!
    See you Saturday !!!

  2. Congratulations Sagira! Sorry I haven't visited for a while. Me and mum are going to try and get back to blogging and commenting on a regular basis after they have had their holidays.

  3. Wonderful!!!! You did so good and I clapped for you!!!

  4. Congrats Sagira! You sure have a lot of letters after your name.


  5. CONGRATULATIONS on more alphabet soup!!! BOL

    You look happy out there, Sagira...keep up the good work with Dadster; those blind crosses are paw-some!

    happy your back is feeling better, too!

    ~hdj, CGC

  6. Hurray for Sagira! Congrats on your new letters and we are so happy you are also feeling better.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Congrats Sagira!!!! We are VERY proud of you

  8. Congrats to you both! What a cutie Stella is-looks like she has blue eyes...

  9. Congrats, that is so cool!!! Congrats to Stella too, y'all done good!

  10. Wow, Sagira! You are now lettered!!

  11. OMD!!! Oh, that is sooooo pawsome Sagira!! I am so proud of you!! I thinks you look FABulous!! Congrats!!!

  12. May I still call you Sagira dear? Congrats on your new title and Congrats to Stella too. I loves meatballs. ~Fenris

  13. Congratulations! You look awesome out there!



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