Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Frankie and Ernie in the FURS!

So we told you that my last trial was in Zanesville. Everytime we trial there we always let our good friends Frankie and Ernie know that we will be there. Well Frankie and Ernie were not sure they would be able to get their mom to bring them to see us as they were busy entertaining Sarge's mom and some other really nice friends (that had 4 more little doggies that were super adorable). We were standing there and all of a sudden we saw the No Walkin Wagon pull up and we just knew that had to be our best buddies Frankie and Ernie. They brought their 4 other furfriends with them that were in their own wagon as well.

Look! It's Frankie and Ernie in their adorable coats.


I had to run right over and see them. I have missed them very much.


We got to see Sarge's mom as well. It was SO much fun. We gave them some Christmas pressies and they gave us a WHOLE bag of goodies. Mom is making us wait until Christmas to open them though. BOO!

We always love when Frankie and Ernie come to cheer me on. Last time they were there I got my second (and as of right now last) QQ. This day I got a single Q. They are my good luck charms.

I sent some goodies home for Sarge to since he was busy remodeling the Police station and wasn't able to come hang out with us. We missed you Sarge.


  1. Hey Sagira!
    Wow, my Mom had such a fun time seeing you and your whole pack that day! She has pix and talked bunches about it. I'm so very glad you got your Q and the visit was a really nice touch to my Mom's holiday. I can tell you that Mamaw and F-n-E had a blast with you too! Thanks so much for the pressies...can't wait to open them!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. That is so great. I woud love to meet F & E. They are good luck indeed.

  3. How furry pawesomely khool!

    Frankie AND Ernie in furson!

    Woo are such a lukhky girrrrrl!

    PeeEssWoo: AND BALD EAGLES!!!

  4. OMD! Frankie and Ernie are so cute in their wagon. How nice of them to come and be your good luck charms.


  5. Oh you are so lucky to get to meet them in person, we love those two little doxies!! Thank you for telling us about your fun meet up with them and it sure does sound like they are your good luck charms!

  6. I wish I could be there to meet all of you too! That would be awesome!

  7. OMD OMD THAT was such a FUN DAY!! ERNIE is STILL Yappin and Yappin about it. He was such a BABY PUPPY when we last met up that he had ALMOST forgotten YOU and Bokeh and Miss C. and Mr. J. NOW he TOTALLY remembers.
    We are waiting fur CHRISTMAS to tell about the SUPER WONDERFUL PRESSIE Thingys that you brought fur US... BUTT I WILL say that MOM is JUST CRAZY (and not from all the snowmen,either) over that UNBELIEVABLE thingy that you gave to HER!!! I kid you not... this woman has pulled IT.. and the matching RUG that she has... out and FORCED about 87,000 Peeps to gaze upon it!!! SERIOUSLY, she HAS... EVEN the UPS guy and Poor Miss Patty the Letter Lady have seen it!!! Can't WAIT to show all of BLOGVILLE!!!
    WE truly had a WONDERFUL time seeing you in the Furs. We will do it AGAIN On DEC.29th..

  8. Yeah, you got some great friends!

  9. That sure was a fun visit and they are good luck charms!

  10. You're so lucky to have those great good luck charms!

  11. How fun for all of you - always great to have good friends and be able to share fun time with them.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. OMD!!! I can'ts believe you saw F&E in the furs!!!! Oh, how exciting!!! They are beautiful dudes, that's fursure! Oh, you couldn't ask for better good luck charms than them.
    I can't waits to see whats they got cha!


  13. It is always great when friends are able to come and cheer you on! Glad you all were able to meet up and share some fun together.

  14. How fun! It's nice when friends come to cheer you on!


  15. Wow, Frankie and Ernie sure are little. Mommy has a wagon but she makes me pull it not ride in it. ~Fenris

  16. Such fun to be able to meet your friends in the fur!


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