Monday, July 16, 2012

Sprinkle's Dog Swap

So we joined in Sprinkle's dog swap this year. Our partner was Higgins. We had a lot of fun shopping for Higgins and crew but it was even more fun opening our box of goodies. Here is a video showing all the goodies we received. Thank you so much to Sprinkle's for hosting this fun event (sorry we were so late in posting our video).

Fun fact of the and dadster became boyfriend and girlfriend 15 years ago today. BOL


  1. Great video - I love your treats and charm! And happy anniversary!

  2. I love how beautiful shinning Starr just grabs what she likes and then enjoy's it. Until Dadster takes it away and then gives it away!! You all got some GREAT stuff.

  3. WOW.... Higgins is GRRRREAT.

    Love the VIDEO

    Happy B/Gfurend Anniversary to your mom and dad!!!

  4. Always fun to get pressies!


  5. It is exciting to get packages to open. Starr makes us laugh, she always knows what she wants and takes it away for herself.

  6. Love gift swaps!! Happy anniversary to your awesome, dog-crazy mom and dad! You are some lucky pups to have them as parents :)

  7. Congratulations to mom and dad...destiny just could not be denied! We wish your family much happiness, health, and a long life together. The gift swap looks like it was a fun success!

  8. This was a cute video! I loved Starr snagging the squeaky toy for herself, the bling (pretty!) and the dogs helping to open the last pressie. Thanks for participating in the dog swap.

    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad.


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