Thursday, July 19, 2012

Class 2

Bokeh attended his second class in his Advanced Weave Poles and Contacts at IncrediPaws. The class was a good one. Dadster learned some new ways to help get Bokeh moving. Bokeh did much better on his weave poles this class. Our nice friend Sharon (Bling's mom) let dad borrow a DVD from Susan Garrett on how to teach 2 x 2 Weave training and also let us borrow some weave poles to. Anxious to see if this helps Bokeh speed up at all.

Jenn also showed us this cool machine called a Manners Minder. It is a remote control treat dispenser. I sure hope mom and dad buy us one of these. Would be cool to have them just hit a button to give us a treat. :)


  1. Oh, that sounds like fun! Maybe I can talk Ma into gettin' me one of those!



  2. We bet Bokeh is already doing much better.

    Hmmmm, we could use one of those here. We could train Phantom to hit the button and we could all get those treats.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Cool! I would love a manner's minder too, Sagira! :)

  4. My boys could use some lessons in their manners. I might have to consider getting one of those!

  5. a manners minder and 2x2 weave dvd. sounds like you are in good hands!!!


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