Saturday, July 14, 2012

Busy Day Today

Wow, we are having a busy day today. Started out by waking up early and going to Agiltiy Ability (if you check out their new website, dad took the photo on the front cover). I actually got to go with Bokeh because we were going shopping for our friend Razzle after Agility Ability.

Bokeh had fun showing off his frisbee moves for the kids and letting the kids throw the frisbee to him. Dadster volunteered to take new photos of all the dog and handler teams for their new website as well.

After we finished all of that up we headed over to Mutts and Co's new New Albany, Ohio location. It is really cool when you walk in the floor looks like grass and it is a lot bigger than the Dublin location. We were hoping to see Bokeh or I on the designs but they still haven't put up the new pictures yet. But we had fun sniffing around and looking for some goodies for our friend Razzle (we got some goodies for us to).

We are home now taking a snooze for a few and then mom said in a few hours we get to head out to CHA's Picnic with the Pups. It is a lot of fun and they have rescue groups and all kinds of adoptable dogs to help raise money for the shelter.

Hope all my blog friends are having a great weekend!


  1. You do have a busy day! Lots of fun though. We checked out your dad's photo on the web site and it is a great action picture. We give it the thumbs up!

  2. What a SUPER DAY... I saw the Pic. with the Pups thingy on the news the other day!!!

  3. Hey- mom is going to be at the picnic probably after 4pm. have someone stick their head in the cat room and ask for "Jeanne" - she would love to meet all of you!!!

  4. wow, don't ya love those really busy days where you just run from one great place to another. And to think you are only half way through. Have fun at the picnic.

  5. Yes, a snooze is sure in order after that bunch of busy!

  6. You've been busy!! Sleep good tonight and let the peeps sleep in tomorrow!!

  7. Busy is good as long as you are having fun - sure sounds to us like you are:) Stay cool.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Sounds as if you are busy doing fun things.


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