Monday, January 2, 2012

What is it I see?


Yeahh....Snow has arrived finally. (Mom isn't too happy but I love the snow)


I also wanted to take a moment and thank all my friends who have stuck with me. Mom has been placed on mandatory overtime as most know and I don't get to comment every day like I used to. Some of my friend have went away and I sure do miss hearing from them because I LOVE getting comments. We do the best we can to catch up on everyone during the weekend and sorry you receive so many comments all at once. I am very thankful to have all of my wonderful blog friends in my life.


  1. I'm on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: We SOOOOO know the khommenting dilemma - we khan't visit evFURRYone as much as we would like - we often think about trading a post fur making visits but decided to post daily and visit when/as we khan - please don't evFUR feel like woo have to khomment - DEAL? Now get snoofin' and zoomin'!

  2. Mandatory overtime sounds tough. We understand about all those human constraints since they are what gets us all the wonderful food and toys!

    We hope you get just enough snow for fun but not enough to make things complicated.


  3. Lucky you and the snow. Send it our way. Very strange winter.
    No worries I will never leave you. Just make sure your peep gets plenty of rest after all the workin.

  4. It is doing THAT on My Hill too!!! Not a happy camper.

    I think some have gone away fur the Holidays.. I'll bet they come back next week.

  5. Enjoy your snow

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Can we come and play too? We try to visit you as often as we can too. We always appreciate the time your Mom puts into reading so many of our posts. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and you know. that job is very important for your kibble and treats supplies:)

    Woos _ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. WOW! Snow! We don't get that here at all! :)

    Looks like fun!


  8. Don't worry, we won't desert you. Mandatory overtime is not good but it pays for the noms. Our mum has been getting behind with visiting the last few weeks but just visits who she can. We don't think we will get snow this year. It is much milder than usual and very wet and windy.

  9. We got a little snow, too. Sorry, your mom's schedule changed that doesn't sound fun.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Oh yes, I remember having to work mandatory overtime in past jobs. I'm sorry your mama has to do that and I hope it doesn't last much longer. That can really burn a girl out!

    Me and the chi's won't desert you. We enjoy your blog to much! Besides, when I'm in school, I don't get around to visiting and commenting nearly as much as I would like to either. I know how it is, life gets in the way sometimes.

  11. I think the little bit of snow is FUN but my mom doesn't like it either. Hope your mom and dad are feeling better today!

  12. We still comment when we can - it is hit and miss with your blog. We try, but most of the time we get an error message.

    Enjoy the snow!


  13. I understand all about busy Moms. We love hearing from you even if it is all at once (after all that is how we wind up doing it lots of times too). Can you believe I have never seen SNOW! You certainly look pretty in the snow. ~Fenris

  14. Snow! Yippee!!!

    We don't have any snow here, not now, not tomorrow, not next year and not next next year :(((

  15. Oh snow! I am so jealous! I want it to snow here, only when I'm at home and not get stuck at work lol :)

  16. Oh Sagira, it seems everyone's humans have suddenly gotten very busy! We know you are thinking of us but that your mom just can't help you visit right now. We appreciate that she helps you get your blog posts together so we can at least follow your adventures. When life is less hectic come visiting again, until then, worry not and know we are thinking of you.

  17. SNOW it was in the mid eighties here, how is it possible for things to be so different ;-)

  18. We're still here! The FiveSibes sometimes wish I could write more too and visit our blogpals. Sometimes life & work prevents us from being here as much as we'd like...but we sure do have fun catching up and visiting when we can!

    Great pics!

  19. You and me could have a lot of fun in that snow!


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