Monday, January 30, 2012

Remember when?

A year ago Bokeh went to his first ever disc event. You can see the videos and read about it HERE. Well, can you believe one year has passed already and it was time for the JaMuary event again? This time mom and I got to go with dad and Bokeh.

Dad and Bokeh entered the Professional division and actually came in 4th place for Freestyle. That is awesome considering most of the people doing it have been doing this for years and Bokeh and dad just started about a year ago.

Here is Bokeh's first round of 4 - 20. They are allowed only 4 disc and 20 seconds to show off their moves. Check out the air he got on the back vault.

This is round 2 of the 4 - 20.

Then he also did Toss and Fetch. He got messed up because dad threw the first one into the gate and Bokeh couldn't get it. Silly dad forgot he could go help him.

Round 2 of his toss and fetch

Also, we are still trying to win this Dublin Dog contest on Facebook and can use some more referrals. We are losing to someone doing lab rescue right now. We want to win so we can donate part of the prizes to mom's Weimaraner Rescue. So if you're on Facebook please use THIS LINK to just go to their page and hit the LIKE button.


  1. Wow! These are so impressive! It's great to see an owner and dog having fun together.

  2. That's some good air!!!
    I'm more of a ball dog than a disc thingy dog.

  3. WOW what a talented doggy! I love the ones of him jumping over dad or on his back, that's SO awesome!

  4. Great going Bokeh! We are exhausted just watching you.


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