Thursday, November 17, 2011


Haha ha ha ha....don't tell Sagira but we (her CAT sisters) have snuck on her blog and took over. See how cute we are.


I don't know why Sagira doesn't share her blog with us the CATS so we had to steal it and do it ourselves. Please don't tell Sagira we were here.

Mystic and Akira (the CATS)


  1. Hi Mystic and Akira we are very pleased to meet you. You are both as cute as can be and should get lots more blog time. You will just have to put your paws down with all those dogs and demand your fair share of the blog. We are looking forward to seeing more of you. ~Arty Mouse, Socks & Scylla

    I promise I won't tell Sagira, Arty Mouse will beat me up if I do. ~Fenris

  2. Ut oh... Sagira is going to be pretty upset when she finds out!

  3. Way to go gang, I am proud of you!!!

  4. We are pleased to meet you! (The cats take over MY blog all the time, too ... and so does Phoebe, my dog sis. It makes me mad sometimes, but I still won't tell Sagira on you!)

  5. Oh Mystic and Akira, you are both Most Beautiful kittehs! I'm glad you broke into Sagira's blog so we could meet you. And don't you worry...I won't say a peep to Sagira. It'll be our little secret. Shhhhhh...

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Wow, I won't tell Sagira and I'm kinda glad to meet you kitties! Normally, I'm not a cat kind of fellow, but the ones in Blogville are pretty cool! Your fur is a pawesome color. Don't stay too long or Sagira will get wise to you. mean MOL!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. Well hello pretty ladies, it is very nice to meet you. We are brothers from England and we think Sagira should have introduced you long ago. We won't tell that you took over her blog and hopefully we will see you again.

  8. You're so beautiful! Sagira's probably afraid that you'll hog all the attention from her.

    I hope now that she'll let you blog once in awhile.

  9. Your secret's safe with me ... but I'm not sure about Dave!
    You sure look like sweet kit-cats!
    Play bows,

  10. I could never live with cats, Sagira!! I am immpressed! They are very cute too!

  11. You are very handsome kitties, Mystic and Akira! Sagira keeps you a well hidden secret...if I were you both I would DEMAND a chance to blog at LEAST once a month! I bet you have some great stories to tell about behind the scenes!

  12. Those kitties are very cute and beautiful!

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  13. It is sad that the cats of the world have to sneak around to get their fair share of the blog space, my cats say Kitties unite, they are glad to see your feline friends have got some blog time, LOL.

  14. you guys are cute

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