Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 2 of the Trial

This is one of the best agility days we have ever had. Started out by having a great clean and fast run in Standard. Earned a Q and 18 MACH points (that is the most I have ever earned at one time, actually up until today I only had 11 total points).

Here is my first run of the day

Then we moved over to JWW and guess what.... I got a Q there making this my first ever DOUBLE Q!!!!!! I also earned another 4 MACH points for a total of 22 in one day, can you believe it? I keep telling dad it is the hot dog power. He should feed me nothing but hot dogs all the time.

Bokeh got to come with us today and he did great. He had to stay in his crate while I ran but he got to enjoy 2 peanut butter filled Kongs to make sure he stayed quite and it worked.

Video of my JWW run (dad loves when mom does the squeal at the end of it, BOL)


  1. WOW, a Double Q, congrats!!! You're gonna have to find something more challenging before too long!

  2. We watched the video and Zoie got all excited!!!
    She barked and barked!! She is such a good girl!!!
    I wish I was younger for her!! She wants to walk all the time!! I walked my Ibsen Hound 5 miles a day sometimes more!! But I am not a young woman any more and can't walk that far but we are getting up there!!!

  3. Great work! :) I'm so excited for you :D


  4. Congrats on the Double Q!!! Very impressive - keep up the excellent work.

  5. Well well look who is Super Dog! That's great. You da dog Sagira.

  6. Yes!! You go Sagira! We always know you will turn in a good performance but this is GREAT. Congratulations to both you and dad.

  7. Woooooooooooo! You are awesome!

  8. A million congratulations!! And I like your ribbon photo too!

  9. Peanut-butter filled Kongs are the greatest. I would stay quiet for those too. Congrats Sagira, you were pawsome. ~Fenris

  10. Wow Sagira! You keep getting better and better.


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