Sunday, March 7, 2010

I need food!

First off mommy wanted to apologize for the poor quality photos in this blog. Daddy didn't take his nice camera so mommy was just using her cheap point and shoot. Dad thinks that mom has lost her mind taking pictures of me everywhere I go, but mom told dad that I have fans and they want to know all about me. He just rolled his eyes.

So we jump in the rental car (daddy crashed his other car). They had to put a sheet on the seats so I wouldn't get them all dirty. I'm not dirty mom!


On the way to the pet store mom wanted to stop in Tuesday Morning. She keeps hearing that they sometimes get Dublin Dog Collars in. Mom was so excited, they did have Dublin Dog collars there for $5.99. For those of you that don't know, Dublin Dog makes really nice NO STINK collars. They have a special patent and their collars don't absorb any water or hold I learn a lot listening to mom talk. They are usually $20 plus on the website, so mom did a happy dance. She told me she also purchased a seat belt for me. Since the accident mom has been kind of worried about what would have happened to me if I was in the car. So we are going to test this one out and if we like it mom is going back to get some for Starr, Samick and Harley. But anyhoo...look at all these collars. They are not the prettiest ones Dublin Dog makes, but it will be nice to just get some no stink collars on Samick and Harley, they collars are icky!


After mom goes crazy with the collars we jump back in the car and head to Pet People.


Hmm..what flavor of food do I want this time. I think I will go with the Evo Turkey and Chicken this time. They had a sign up saying you get a free Raw food sample with any bag of Evo. That has mom wondering, do any of my furfriends eat a raw diet?


Back in the car and heading home. It was very nice out (if you call 40 something nice, but after all the horrible weather we will take it as long as it is sunny) today so daddy rolled down my window a bit so I could get some fresh air.



  1. wow! those are very nice collars! hope u enjoy yr new flavour for yr food!

    and yes! we are yr fans!

  2. We have a Tuesday Morning about 15minutes from us - Mom has nevFUR been there -

    As fur the raw, I don't eat raw but I do get a raw piece or two of yum each week -

    Woo are just too beaWOOtiful fur words!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  3. Hey! We have a Pet People where we live too! doesn't look like a large franchise here. just a mom and pop store! but same logo!

    and we'll accept ANY photos of you Sagria, cuz you make any badly taken shot, look 10x better!
    wild dingo

  4. Hi Sagira!
    wow! you get to go and choose your preferred flavor!! pawesome!! most of the time i just waited for mommy with the dad-ster in the car while she gets my treats at the store..

    Nice car ride pic there!
    Enjoy your day!!


  5. I love shopping! I see you are a pro at it too! By the way -- I don't see any drool on the side of your vehicle where you stick your head there something wrong with you? Are you sick? Just asking....

  6. What a great find with those collars, you could almost have one in every collar for that price. We eat that EVO turkey and chicken formula and we love it. Mom is hoping to get the little pest on it soon too, once she gets her runny poops under control.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Hi Sagira!

    Thanks for visiting my blog this morning. I like making new friends too, and keeping my old ones!

    Those collars are really very pretty and I will have to look for one of those. Which one did you pick?


  8. nice collars
    we want. . . . . . ALL OF EM
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the houston pittie pack

  9. Woo! I have a comfy, squishy bed from that Tuesday Morning place.
    Aren't car rides the best!?!?

  10. That looks like a really fun-filed ROTE, Sagira. I don't eat raw food so can't comment on it. Most of the time, I eat a brand of British dry kibble called James Wellbeloved. I still don't understand why it's not called Thomas Wellbeloved!


  11. Great idea on the seat belt. We want you and Starr safe at all times. I need to figure something out for myself and Frankie.
    Tell your mom that many people think our mom has lost her mind taking photos of us for my blog. It's a serious blogland disease but somebody's got to do it

  12. Hi, Sagira!
    I have never seen a bad picture in your posts!
    Those collars are pawesome!
    Going to the pet store and choose your own food must be great!
    Kisses and hugs


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