Thursday, December 11, 2014

Traveling on Thursday

We love that mom is on this new get healthier kick. She takes us on LOTS of walks now and we love it. She found this new ap for her phone as well called ResQWalk. You start it up when your walk starts and then finish when you're done and you earn money for rescues and of course mom selected the rescue she volunteers with to get her money, Louisville Weimaraner Rescue. If any of you go on walks look into the ap and if you need a rescue to support LWR would be very appreciative.

Mom got smart and bought us a coupler that way she only has to use one leash. :)

 photo Walk_zps1309e8ba.jpg


  1. THAT is a good APP that will help the Wiems...
    OMD OMD Love the coupler... OUR MOM cut up two old leases and Mad one fur US... . We keep it in Jennifer fur times when Only Mom or Only Dad takes us someplace...
    Love the Pic of the two of you walking side by side.

  2. You two have some fun on those walks. Your Momster is doing amazing!

  3. Sounds like all 3 of you are enjoying the walks.

  4. We will have to look into that APP, it has been awhile since we went walking but we could certainly use it when we do and Mommy will tell her friend that we walk with about it.

  5. Wowsa! That is a FABulous app! I loves that lead!!
    Ruby ♥

  6. We so need to get back into walking. With Harlow's broken paw and Monty's surgery - it wasn't any fun walking alone. We are giving Harlow paw another few days to rest and then we will start up again.

    Monty and Harlow

  7. You three make a awesome team!!!

  8. It is a VERY cool app! And the coupler leash is great as long as you both go in the same direction. Sachi and Zsofia like to totally tangle dad's legs in theirs.


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