Friday, December 26, 2014

Miss us?

Sorry that we have been MIA for so long. Momster has been super busy and trying to get her to help us with our blog is hard work lately. A few weeks ago we went and had our family photos taken in the studio.

Mom loves photos on the white back ground so that is what most of our photos are. Mom also had to put us in size order. What we have to do to entertain her. BOL

 photo bVLB_5507-Edit_zps6291ad47.jpg

Triangle of love

 photo BVLB_5521-Edit_zpsc7723f90.jpg

Momster things she is a super model now or something, BOL.

 photo bVLB_5535-Edit_zps73cc54ce.jpg


  1. OMD YESSSSsssssssssss we HAVE missed all of you.
    Love your FAMILY FOTO... that is super grrreat.. AND your MOM's PIC is OUTTA this world Wonderful..
    Will you be in Z'Ville this weekend??? Don't think there will be ICE this time...

  2. Y'all are looking mighty fine and that Momster sure is doing great!

  3. They are all awesome photos!

    Monty and Harlow

  4. I'm with your momma, white back grounds are the best! And you all are super models, that's for sure!
    Easy Rider

  5. What lovely pictures. We never realized how big Weimaraners actually are until we meet one in purson Christmas.


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