Sunday, December 7, 2014

Off to the "barn"

So to switch things up from time to time the humans take us to something called "Barn Hunt". Momster couldn't go this day but dadster took Tempest to our training club for Barn Hunt practice. Now the last time Tempest went she was scared of the rats and ran from them, BOL. Can you believe my sister?

Well, this time I would say she did much better. Here she is being introduced to the rat in a clear tube so she can smell it and see it but not harm it.

After she played around with learning about the rat she got to go on a pretend course. Now if this was a competition Tempest would have 2 minutes to find two rates, climb on the straw and go through the tunnel. If she could do all that she would qualify for a leg towards her barn hunting title. In this one she found both rats plus the teacher had to tell dad some instructions and all of that was in just one minute thirty seconds. GO TEMPIE!

Picture of her practicing with the rat tubes

 photo EFirstRat_zpsc89864ec.jpg


  1. That looks SOOOOOOO fun Tempest... and you did a FINE job of finding them. BRAVO,

  2. Now that was lots and lots of fun!

  3. OMD, you are sooooooo lucky Tempie!!!! That is like my heaven!! Though, I thinks it would drive me NUTS if I couldn't actually dead the rat after I found it...☺
    Ruby ♥

  4. BOL Tempie was afraid of the rats. That is so funny.


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