Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This past weekend I did my first two day trial in over a year. My first day was Saturday and here is my standard run. There was only a 26% Q rate from Saturday the course was a bit tricky but I did all the tricky parts just fine and then messed up my weave poles. It took dad all the way until my fourth run of the weekend to figure out why I was messing up my weave poles, I was going TOO fast. Can you believe it? I used to be pokey and now I was going too fast. BOL

Beautiful run even though I skipped a couple of weave poles.

Here is my JWW run. No Q because dad made me make lots of mistaks, bad dadster.

Mom loves how I always have to look at her before I run, BOL. Just want to make sure she is there recording me for all my fans.

Also, we had a couple of friends ask us what some of our "lingo" meant so if you are interested here goes.

Q is a qualifying score. The level I am competing in (Master level) you can't make ANY mistakes or you will not get a 100% score to earn your Q

QQ is a double qualifying score meaning that you get a Q in the standard course and a Q in the JWW course

STD is just short for a standard course. There are two courses in agility, standard (which includes all the contacts (the things with the yellow on the ends like the teeter totter, A Frame, Dog Walk, table, etc.).

JWW is Jumpers with weaves course (that means the course only has Jumps and Weave poles and Tunnels in it, no contacts)

MACH is the title we are working on and stands for Master Agility Champion

In order to get a MACH title you have to have 750 points and 20 QQ (means you have to have both runs perfect on the same day). You earn MACH points by your time. Each course has a set time (example 60 seconds) if you run the course in 50 seconds then you earn 10 MACH points. Make sense?

Wow...hope that helps out, let me know if I forgot any terms. It all seems confusing but once you start doing it, it makes sense.


  1. Yep, it is all confusing to us, but we are not confused about you being darn good!

  2. Q or not it is clear you love what you do and are very talented. Glad you are back in the spotlight.

  3. Thank you for explaining! We are in agility with Harlow and they throw around the terms and never really explain them. It helped a lot!

    Monty and Harlow


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