Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trial Day 2

Here is my STD run from the second day of my trial. The most exciting thing about this is that I am actually in a good mood and still running! Before I had my acupuncture and spinal treatments by the second day I would be super slow and not wanting to be there. Even though I messed up a bit in this one mom and dad were still super happy with me and knowing that I am feeling much better and can now do 2 day trials if they want to.

After talking to Sally at Dogwood training center she told dad she thought I was going to fast in the weave poles since they were on dirt and to try slowing me down before going into them. And her advice worked. Here is my perfect JWW run Sunday afternoon. Got a Q and 4 more MACH points. So I am up to 9 QQ and 245 MACH points now.


  1. WONDERFUL..... Q's and Machs... THAT is super butt knowing that you Feel LIKE doing it is the bestest pawt.

  2. WooooHooooo!!! Most FABulous!! I likes that tunnel! Hey maybe you can ask your Pops if you can stop in the middle of it and roll !! hehehe (that's what I do!)
    Anyhu, sure looks like you did a pawsome job!
    Ruby ♥


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