Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weimaraner Wednesday

It is almost time for Weim and Cheese! It is this coming Saturday. We would like to invite all of you to come. :)

 photo WampC_zps845e3898.jpg

Here are some more of the donations momster received

GoPro donated Hero 3 Silver Edition camera. They were SUPER nice and sent the donation right away

 photo GoPro_zps78daa9c2.jpg

Dropcam also donated a cam to our silent auction. Momster is enjoying Dropcam right now because a friend has Weim puppies that she can watch live

 photo dropcam_zps74102d7b.jpg

Hot Dog Junie's mom is a rep for Natural Balance. She sent us this great bag of goodies for the auction

 photo NaturalBalance_zps952fe5ce.jpg

One of mom's friends made these dog beds and donated. They are super cute.

 photo DogBeds_zps943df25e.jpg

Mom's cousin is an Avon rep and made up this cute basket. If you ever need any Avon please use Vikki Mayabb as the rep. She is great!

 photo Avon_zps86fe5551.jpg

Lupine sent this nice collar, leash and keychain set

 photo Lupine_zps0fb386ea.jpg

Mars Petcare (Pedigree) sent this wonderful basket. It is valued at $300 and includes a free year supply of dog food. They were also super nice to work with.

 photo Pedigree_zps51b1eaf9.jpg

Mom bought this pattern and one of her volunteers made this. Isn't is cute? It is a Weimaraner tissue box cover. Thank you Angie for making it.

 photo TissueBoxCover_zpsed6b19d3.jpg

Pet People donated this cute tote with goodies and a gift card in it

 photo PetPeople_zps318eb03b.jpg

Grayhart Weims a fellow blogger and good friend donated this print as well. Thank you!

 photo PollyannaPickeringbyLindaH_zps594f12ea.jpg

Half Price Books also donated a $15 gift card. These are just the things mom has been working. Many volunteers have been soliciting. Can't wait to see what all we can bid on. Yippe!


  1. I wish I could visit this event - but sadly I live on the wrong side of the great pond. Have a wonderful Weim&Cheese event.

  2. Love the Wiem and Cheese that you all work so hard on. Nose poke to Starr.

  3. I know that will be one successful event and I've always loved that name!

  4. Those are some really great prizes. They should bring in lots of green papers for you.

  5. You have lots of lovely items donated.

  6. OMD! Those are FABulous donations guys!
    Wows! I thinks your gonna get like 87 THOUSAND green papers for these!!
    Ruby ♥

  7. We has our paws crossed that Weim and Cheese! will be a HUGE success. The donations look pawesome.


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