Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tempest Agility Class Week 1

So Tempest has started her agility career. She is in a puppy agility play group where she gets introduced to all the agility equipment in a fun and low setting so she can't get hurt.

Oh no! Look who is in her is her sister Jerica!

 photo EJWB_8507_zps384f4258.jpg

Her Jerica, lets switch owners

 photo EJWB_8508_zpsdc52d5b7.jpg

Did you say ball?

 photo EJWB_8509_zps7619803a.jpg

That is MY ball dad. I don't want to share with Jerica.

 photo EJWB_8510_zpsa967cd3f.jpg

 photo EJWB_8511_zpse3947957.jpg

First time doing the hoop

 photo EJWB_8515_zpscbd9d3f7.jpg

A Frame

 photo EJWB_8518_zps406200ae.jpg

Another cute puppy in the class

 photo EJWB_8520_zps4d1805a3.jpg

Small teeter

 photo EJWB_8523_zps708ab77b.jpg

Jerica doing the hoop the first time

 photo EJWB_8525_zps0dfcec70.jpg

Jerica on the A Frame

 photo EJWB_8526_zpseaafed65.jpg

Balance items

 photo EJWB_8527_zps6a253796.jpg

Such a good girl

 photo EJWB_8528_zps6b312e5b.jpg


  1. It's always great to watch your pictures. I wish we had some events for dogs here too.

  2. You sure were having a fun time sweet one!!!

  3. It is really fun that Tempie's sister is in class with her!

  4. How funsies that your sister was in the class too!

  5. Looks like you will enjoy yourself there Tempest, and with your sister there too.


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