Thursday, June 6, 2013


So....some of you may not know this but we used to foster dogs for a mixed breed rescue group. We have kind of gotten away from that since we currently have a full house of permanent residence. Anyhoo....we had a foster puppy named Barkley back in May 2010. You can see puppy pics and read about Barkley on our old post HERE.

Barkley got adopted by an author who lived in Massachusetts. When Barkley left for his new home momster cried a little more than normal because she thought she would never see him again. Well...guess what! They moved to COLUMBUS earlier this year. One of mom's good friends actually lives with Barkley and his family and she brought him to see us when she was having her photos taken for Mothers day. Momster was so happy to see Barkely again. He grew up to be so much bigger than mom though. He is so tall. He is such a good boy though.

Three years later I was reunited with my past foster brother.

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  1. Oh awesome! It must be wonderful to hear from pups you have known and helped.


  2. That is so cool and I can feel the happy smiles from here!

  3. I love happy endings! That's wonderful you got to be reunited with Barkley again.

  4. We are so glad Barkley moved close enough for you to visit with him. Now if only I could convince the Mom to take me on vacation to Ohio so I could see you. ~Fenris

  5. Aww what a happy reunion!! :) He looks like a handsome happy pup!
    -Stacy & Ellie

  6. Glad to hear you got to see your foster pup again. I always love seeing my foster parents and go pretty nuts around them.


  7. That was nice for your mum to see Barkley again.

  8. OMD! That is SO pawsome!!! What a handsome fella!!

  9. What a happy opportunity! It makes us wag and smile to know everything turned out so well for Barkley... and that you got to visit with your former foster.

  10. Oh hooray!! That's so sweet, and what a cutie Barkley is!

  11. Wow!! Barkley is so handsome now, even more than before! It's amazing that woo got reunited. Hope woo guys continue to keep in touch!



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