Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life's Abudance

We have some friends (Rebecca and Virgil - they took the photo at the top of my blog) that are selling a new line of products. They asked if anyone had a blog and would be willing to do a review so of course mom offered to have us do a review. Rebecca was super nice and asked what we would like to try. Since mom and dad do so much training with us we thought the training treats would be a perfect choice.

Rebecca sent us a package of Life's Abundance Tasty Rewards and a DVD on Dog Food.


We sat down as a family first to watch the DVD. It wasn't super long and boring, we actually learned a few things about how to read the package labels on dog food and what some of the products terms are changed to. (Starr took a nap during the DVD but we let her since she is a senior and likes to sleep all the time).


After we watched the DVD mom wanted to see if I would pose for a cute photo with the yummy treats before we ate them all.


All of us were anxious to try these new treats out. The treats are made with New Zealand Lamb and Chicken. We found that they are great for all sizes. They have a nice texture to them that makes them easy to break into smaller pieces. Even my small blog friends could eat these because they are not huge chucks which is what you want for training (or so mom says). Mom thought one interesting fact that Rebecca pointed out to her was that during an agility trial if you feed two hot dogs to a dog who is about 15 pounds that is equivalent of a person eating TWENTY hot dogs a day. That is a lot of salt intake and guess my momster never really thought of it that way and will be switching up my treats at trials (no more hot dog power for me).

Photobucket all we really enjoyed these treats. I was very anxious to get another and sometimes I am not that eager to eat so dad decided after we all had a few treats to put the rest up and save them for my agility trial coming up as a special treat since I really seem to like these Tasty Rewards. Boy...I can't wait for the trial to get here now so I can have some more. These are available to be shipped right to your home and if you have them auto filled you get an even bigger savings.

If anyone is interested in checking out Rebecca and Virgil's products from Life's Abundance, Flea Free (natural insect repellant), 4Life (supplements for people and pets) or Celadon Road (eco friendly products) you can visit their website at: VirgilAndRebecca


  1. Those treats sound yummy. And you know I have to say a BIG hello to Starr. I am sure she slept through the video cuz she knows all that stuff already. We Weims are smart like that.

  2. Nice review, Sagira. Those treats sound very yummy. We used to get hot dogs a lot until the Momster decided enough was enough:( But we might get her to try out these treats.

    Sagira, you did a super job posing with the bag of treats, and Starr looks great too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. That is a great review! I like that you learned a little something too from the dvd. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  4. That was a great review and you made them sound sooooo good.

  5. Great Review! I think the pic is perfect. I've never heard of those treats before, but they sure sound like somethin' Ma should check out! Thanks!



  6. Super duper review!
    Happy Sunday to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. You did a great job of posing with the treats and not eating them the moment you held the bag in your mouth! That's what my boys would do, bol! I really need to send them your way for a little (ok, a LOT!) of training.

  8. I'm drooling all over here, Sagira!

    I don't think I will like the video though as I never like watching tv at all.

  9. Thanks for the great review, Sagira! I'm the Rebecca of Rebecca and Virgil, and I'd like to add two little snippets of information: First, you can go directly to our Life's Abundance website at this address:, and if you have questions, Virgil and I invite you to email us at or call 937-436-5788! By the way, our three greyhounds also LOVE these Life's Abundance Tasty Rewards!


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