Saturday, March 24, 2012


So, I had to go see the VET Thursday. Mom said my rabies vaccine was expired and needed to get a new one. Mom asked the vet about me shaking my head all the time. He looked in my ears and said they are clean but I might have a mild allergy. He also checked my legs real good to make sure I am doing okay since I do so much agility and stuff. He said I'm going to live and look good. Told mom and dad to keep me skinny and keep giving me my daily vitamin.

Bokeh had to go to the VET to. But he had to go because he has been coughing. Poor Bokeh got an upper respiratory infection. the vet gave him some pills and mom started him on them ASAP. The vet said that Bokeh would be fine to perform in the pet expo since he has been on his pills a few days. He is already not coughing nearly as much. So the vet said he will live to. haha


Oh yea we get to see Ernie and Frankie today! WHOO HOO


  1. Glad to hear you are both going to live ;-)

    Have fun at the Pet Expo today.


  2. I am sure glad to hear that you are okay Sagira and we are happy that Bokeh in on the mend!

  3. Oh I hope the URI goes away fast

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Glad to here things went well. I had that darn cough not long ago but all better now.

  5. Living is good news.

  6. Thankgoodness for the pills, Hope Bokeh is feeling better soon.


  7. So happy to hear that the vet visit was good and both of you are good too!

  8. Did Frankie deliver my kiss? ~Fenris

    We are very happy that you are healthy and we are sending healing purrs to Bokeh.

  9. Hope Bokey is back to 100% real soon!

  10. Ooooh no those upper respiratory things can be scary if not caught right away so glad Brokeh has such an attentive mom and dad. Glad everything is good with the rest of the pack but ouch a rabis shot- those hurt but better those then getting sick ;-).

  11. I'm glad you're all doing so well and that the vet said y'all would live.

    My boys go to the vet tomorrow afternoon for their annual shots. Hopefully they'll get a clean bill of health.

  12. Hi Sagira,

    We heard you might get to see Frankie and Ernie at the Pet Expo. We was over a Frankie just now and saw you guys all together. How rxciting that must have been.

    We love to see you fly!!


  13. Great vet reports and Bokeh should be just fine now. Sounds like you all are VERY busy!

  14. Oh no poor Bokeh! Glad to hear it's not too serious!


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