Sunday, May 15, 2011

Study at OSU

So last week mom and dad signed me up to be a guinea pig. How nice of them huh? It wasn't that bad though. I was part of a canine cognition study at OSU (GO BUCKS!). It was a lot of fun actually and I got a brand new toy just for helping them out (which I got to pick myself). When we got there they did a physical exam on me (I am in great shape). Then they put me and dad in a pen, can you believe they caged up dad to? In the pen with us was an umbrella, beach ball and a sombrero. They video taped me for one minute to see if I would approach any of them and if so how long it took me. Mom thought I would bark at the umbrella for sure but I didn't. There was also a drain area and I was more interested in that. The lady thinks something was dead in there because another dog was rolling over it earlier in the day. Anyway they marked me down as shy.

The second part of the study had 4 stations. Each station had a puzzle and food as the reward (good food to, like chicken and meatballs). Dad had to sit in the middle of the room with sunglasses on and not talk to me or watch me. I sniffed around each station but didn't take the food. I did figure out the corner one where it was a fence on each side and food behind it. I just walked behind it and ate the food. They told us that most dogs don't do this they said the dogs just keep running to the end of each side and don't figure out to just walk around it but I did. I didn't take any food from the other stations though. They think it is because of my therapy dog training I have always been taught not to steal food and they told the people doing the study that so they wanted to retest me with dad giving me permission to take the food and I got all the puzzles figured out and ate the food that way. They really seemed to like me and want me to come back for the second part of the study later on.

Here is a photo mom took when we first walked in.



  1. bol crazy humans, did woo tell them if they wanted to learn something they should just go read your blog??


  2. Woo are shy? Hmmm I bet you are just a really good girl. I wonder what the study would've showed if you put on the sombrero and danced. Hee hee.


    PS- GO BUCKS!!!

  3. Hey Sagira!
    Wow, that's really cool! Mom knows OSU and I think it was very pawesome that you were picked to be studied. We all know that peeps have a lot to learn from us doggies, so I think it's great that you are helping them out. A new toy is always a good thing!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. How cool! I wouldn't think of you as shy -- I think whatever was in that drain distracted you!
    Do we get to see your new toy?

  5. Sagira... girrrrrl are you gonna be an OSU grad?? I see Norwood commented... His MOM is an OSU grad. Did you know that???

    My mom says I have to say... GO BOBCATS!!! She is an Ohio University Grad.. hehehe

    So this was a HARD test. I am sure the thingy about being a Therapy Dawg is Right... beclaws my mom says I wouldn't have taken the foods either.
    Sooooooo while you were there... did they do some more Training with your dad.. on that Toy hoggin thingy????? I'm just askin.
    CONGRATULATIONS on being accepted into the OSU program!!!!

  6. Hey I think you are going to have so much fun. I know you can excell when you get started.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Very interesting adventure, Sagira. Shy??? No way, just well-trained and obedient. Glad there was at least a good toy in it for you. We are very jealous because you always get to have so much fun.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. They sure are lucky to have someone smart like you that they can learn from!

  9. Funny, we only get offers to participate in psychiatric research.

  10. That sounds like a fun!

    Thor and Jack

  11. Silly humans - it amuses them to think they are teaching us something - when it is really we who are teaching them!!!!

  12. We think you are so well trained!! To not go for the food really quick is amazing to us!! Apparently our mom is a bad teacher!! You have so much fun!! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  13. It's neat that you participated in the study, Sagira! It would be interesting to know what they determine from studying all the different participants.

  14. Hey Sigira,
    Thanks for dropppin by, I am glad we can be friends. Thanks for the Birthday wish too.

    See ya soon
    Your pretty cool


  15. How fun-but my Lizzie says you should have stole the food, hehehehehehe, she would have if she thought I was not watching-you are very well trained!

  16. Are you really shy? It sounds like you're very smart. To tell the truth I could tell that just from your photo. You look like the intellectual/athletic sort of canine to moi. But I guess humans have to have these tests to figure that stuff out?

  17. Sagira!
    That was pawesome!
    I agree with our friends. You are not shy!
    Just very well trained to be the best girl!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Wow! That sounds really interesting, Sagira!


  19. That test sounds really interesting and I'm so glad that you are there to teach those clueless humans. They need to go back to school!
    You're shy??? I agree with everyone that you're just a well-trained, well-behaved and polite girl!

  20. Toy gifts and good food, can you get me in this program? Surely they have room for one more?


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