Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So, Starr had a really restless day on Sunday. She vomited a few times, she wouldn't eat her dinner. Now...if you know Starr that statement alone is VERY scary. I don't think Starr has ever refused any kind of food and for her not to touch her food has mad my mom very scared. We placed a call to our doctor first thing Monday morning. He wants Starr to come in for a stomach x-ray to make sure he isn't missing anything or just not feeling something. So, please send good thoughts our way. My mom is a total mess right now. Starr is her first baby girl and she and Starr are VERY close. Dad took today off work to be able to take her to get her x-ray.

On other news...Bokeh went to doggy day care yesterday. The owner told dad that Bokeh has made good friends with a Collie. She told dad that Bokeh and the Collie played ALL day. I don't like going to day care and I'm a big girl and get to stay out of my crate so I get to hang at the house with Starr, Samick and Harley. :)


  1. Hi Guys! Thinking of you and especially Starr - more healing vibes coming your way. Well done Bokeh on being good a doggy day care! Dex & Lou x

  2. Our thoughts are with Starr all the time and we will keep praying for her.

  3. OMD OMD... I am sooooo sorry that Starr has the sickies. I will cross my paws that it is just a little.. Summer Complaint thingy.. a few days early. PLEASE keep us posted.

  4. Starr we are thinking of you here, keeping you in our prayers, wish we were there to give your mom a hug.....

  5. We will be praying for Starr to get much better!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  6. Paws are crossed for Starr!

  7. Paws crossed her fur Starr> Hopefully everything will be ok!!


  8. Continuing to cross our paws for Starr. We hope she is doing better today. Do keep us updated.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. We're thinking and praying for you, Starr!

    Thor and Jack

  10. My sisters and I are all sending mega healing purrs to the sweet Starr, we hope you feel better really soon.

  11. Paws khrossed fur Starr AND hugz fur your mom!


  12. I have my paws crossed for Starr!
    I am sure everything is going to be ok!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  13. oh, miss sagira, i'm so sorry to hear that miss starr has been havin' the mega sickies. :(
    i'm glad that lumpy was just fat and not the icky C word, but i've still got my paws crossed for miss starr and hope that her V-E-T visit went a-okay today and that you got some answers to help her! i'm sending 50 gazillion healy vibes!!

    the booker man


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