Thursday, May 13, 2010

My dad cheated on me!

Can you believe it? We went to the training club the other night for run throughs. Next thing I know, dad hands my leash over to mom and he takes the leash of ANOTHER DOG! OMD! Can you believe it? I think daddy loves Mojo better than me.

Okay...okay...I know daddy still loves me, but he sure does like Mojo a lot. Mojo is an Austrailian Sheppherd that is pretty darn cool. He has one blue eye and one brown eye and boy can he jump. When we see Mojo mom and dad always stop to talk to him because he doesn't have a tail and his whole body shakes when he is excited to see my family. His mommy had to have surgery and she asked someone to run Mojo for her that night. Daddy loves Mojo and jumped at the chance.

Here is MY daddy with Mojo


Look at how well Mojo does in agility. He is in excellent class, but my dad did a good job with him and only messed up once (that was dad's fault, not Mojo's)

I have also heard mom and dad mention something about they have "puppy fever". I sure do hope they are not getting sick with something that can spread to me. Hope they keep that puppy fever to themselves.


  1. Oh dear -- sounds like you may have a new brother or sister soon....

  2. Wow Mojo is pretty cool! We are impressed!

    And we understand about the puppy fever - our mom has kitten fever.

  3. Wow, Mojo is very good, but you know Dad loves you best. Puppy fever??? - why don't you get them to go get that lookalike one you told us about?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. we love puppy fever and dont wowy ish not a bad fing. mojo ish quite full of the hanshum's for sure and furry much talented too. and we agree wiff the op pack about your doppelganger.

    pibble sugars to you
    the pittie pack

  5. We think Mojo is beautiful but we know your dad loves you the best! Mom burst out laughing when you said they had puppy fever and you hoped it didn't spread to you!! That's a good one!!! Actually mom gets puppy fever alot lately and it worries me. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  6. What? Your dad ran Mojo and you had to watch? That's not fair! Hope you got to run too, Sagira! And watch out for that puppy fever - you're not going to like it! :)

  7. We know who your dad's heart belongs to ;-)

    As fur puppy fever, rut roh - Mom says she got shots fur that -

    She prefers hers already broken in...


  8. Hi, Sagira!
    Mojo is very good! But you are the best!
    Puppy fever?? Hmmm.... interesting....
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Puppy fever??? That sounds really scary! I just watched this movie with my Humans where humans get a disease from these blue humans, and then they turn into blue humans too and eat other blue humans.

    Now I'm scared of blue puppies!


  10. I have permanent puppy fever. keep your dad and mom away. it's catching! we have 2 new huskies at school. one is a puppy. i see WHY people get huskies now... they are so irresistable as puppies!

  11. oh and nice run with mojo Sagria dad!

  12. Your dad knows who his girl is...he is just being nice. Puppy fever sounds like something that will affect the entire family but I am not sure it is a BAD thing!

  13. sounds like ure gonna have a new sibling.. tt will be COOL!! i would love to have one too=)


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