Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy weekend

Pheww..what a busy weekend. Friday night we had run throughs at the training club. Dad cheated on me again and ran my teacher's dog Hobb. Mom didn't get a chance to record it though, but dad had fun without me, can you believe it?

Saturday my dad did a spring photo shoot for some of our friends at the club. I went with them but didn't get very many pictures since daddy was trying to get pictures of the other dogs and their people that day. He kept telling everyone there is NO shortage of Sagira photos. I can't wait until he gets them edited so I can show you some of them.

Sunday we went to the Delaware Arts Festival. I can't wait to tell you all about this once mom is able to help me get the photos ready to share with you.

So...I leave you with one of my past adventures I haven't had a chance to share with you yet. Starr and I were going bye-bye with mom and dad. A guy was holding a sign that said "Free Car Wash" so mom said lets go get this thing washed. After waiting a few minutes in line we pulled into this scary dark garage.


What is that Starr?


Starr watching the water hit the window


Oh no! Starr it is coming to my side to get me now


Gotta run. Tonight is the last night of agility class. We learn if I get to move to level 6 or if I have to stay in level 5.


  1. Good luck tonight! I can't wait to hear!

  2. I love those pictures. I am afraid of the car wash. You both are very brave!! Best of luck tonight...can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  3. Good luck with agility!


  4. Those car wash places look scary!
    Good luck tonight! I am sure you are going to do it great!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. We khan't wait to see the pikhs!

    Paws khrossed fur good news!


  6. Good luck with Agility Class! The weekend sounds like it was chockful of really cool stuff...I bet dad's photos will be well worth waiting for...

  7. Car washes are pretty freaky, aren't they? Looking forward to the pictures, and mom is especially looking forward to hearing about the arts festival. :-)


  8. all the best! let us know! =)))

  9. ♬ At the CAR WASH ... at the CAR WASH, yeah ... ♬

  10. Mom took Dakota to the car wash once and all she did was lick the windows - silly girl.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. I´ll look forward to see your pics!
    Good luck in your agility class!

  12. Good luck tonight, Sagira!

    Tat car wash must have been pretty strange to go through!


  13. Hi Sagira! We got super far behind in visiting so we are going to comment on two posts here - because we just saw your flashback Friday post too - and oh we can see why your mom fell in love (we see it now too of course but we can totally see the love at first sight thing - do we make sense?) Ok and todays post was good too - we love the car wash pictures - we don't ever go to those because mom and dad know we hate the car a lot. That had to be so weird to be in but not getting wet! We can't wait to hear about the arts festival - it sounds fun!

    Oh, and we hope Sammick is doing ok!

  14. Oh, cool! I've never been to a car wash! Was it fun?
    Good luck tonight!!!
    Play bows,


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