Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Going to the birds

Calling all my bird friends....mom has noticed these little birds messing around the corner of the house in the gutter. Mom is getting worried they are building a nest in there or something and doesn't know what to do. Dad doesn't seem to care, but mom is getting pretty worried. Her friend told her to go to Lowe's and get a screen to put over it. But I was wondering if any of you have any advice?

Here is a picture of one of the birds that keeps messing around my house. I sure would like to tell that bird a thing or two about MY yard and MY house.



  1. Those must be the same birds that are driving Monty crazy! They've built a nest on our outdoor speaker and we have to keep constant watch for the things they drop - not to mention the poop they leave on the porch!


  2. Birdies are nice but they can be messy and destructive. The screen idea is a good one but make sure if there is a nest that there are not babies or eggs in there first.

  3. We used to have doves that built a nest on the porch every year. It was fun watching the little ones grow up but they did leave a mess and sometimes they didn't make it and mom would be upset. They left for some unknown reason and actually mom is glad they did. She got too upset over the little ones that didn't make it. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  4. I don't know about the screen....we don't have birdies by the house....we just let the birdies do whatever they want but they are out back by the forest....

  5. Hmm. You don't want them clogging up your gutters?!? Ha roo! We've heard you can scare them off with a rubber snake!

  6. We think if there isn't already a nest with eggs that a screen is probably not a bad idea - but if there is one then just let them stay there til the babies leave - then get a screen up right away. That looks like the little bird that lives in our birdhouse - there is one there every year, so we think they must remember and come back (or the babies come back). That is why we say if there is no nest put up a screen (they sell gutter guards that would probably work) but if there are babies let them grow up but then block it off to prevent it next year.

    Birdies are fun to watch though - they can just be a bit messy (every year they clean the birdhouse out from the previous years nest - messy).

  7. My Humans and I love birdies! But they tend to fly away from me. Why would you want to chase them away though? My Momma wants to put up a bird bath to attract them!


  8. I agree with our friends!
    No eggs - get the screen
    Egg in there - wait a little until they are grown.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Lots of good advice here!

    I khan't wait to see more about them all!


  10. Suddenly i feel like having chicken jerky..


  11. We think the screens over the gutter is a great idea. We do that here cuz our trees like to clog ours up. It's best to do it now before there are any babies to worry about!


  12. They look like the birds that make nests on our outdoor speakers every year. We just let them, but the speakers don't perform a vital function like the gutters do! Screening them off might be a good idea!

  13. Ditto from us too. Birds can be so silly sometimes. They keep trying to make one here on the ledge over the front door. It is only about two inches wide. The screens would work best.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. The screen sounds like a good idea! I'm usually pretty good at chasing birds away! Would you like me to come and help? :)


  15. Maybe you could build a little house for them? Far away from the gutters. :)

  16. House sparrows, I think. They are building a nest in our gutter too (under the gutter covers)!


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