Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sagira's First Hospital Visit is the day I have been waiting for. Sagira will be doing her first therapy dog visit at the Hospital. This has been in the works for just shy of a year now. We adopted Sagira in February of 2008. We put her in training March of 2008. She passed her Canine Good Citizen exam in October. Her Therapy dog test in November. After going through orientations at the hospital, waiting on her paperwork and insurance to come back from the Therapy dog group we are FINALLY ready to take her to visit some patients. I am so proud of her. I am also extremely nervous. She is going to be so scared the first few times and I am afraid she is going to bark. She has started doing this when she gets scared. We have just spent so much time (and money) trying to get her ready for this day I don't want them to say your dog is bad please don't bring her back or she needs more training. I don't know what else I could have done with her. We took her to two NEW places every week for the first three months after we adopted her. She goes places with us at least two times a week, we take her up to people in wheelchairs while we are out. I can honestly say I have done everything that I know how to do to try to keep her social and ready for this day. I just hope it goes well.

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