Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17th

Sagira's therapy dog pack came in the mail this past week. She received her own little ID card with her picture on it and our names as her handlers. She also received a bandanna with the TDI symbol on it as well as a bright yellow tag for her collar that says "I AM A THERAPY DOG". I was so excited to finally get this. They sent a member guide that we have to read through and we also have to watch a DVD to learn the way we are supposed to conduct visits.

We are going to Doctor's Hospital today to go through volunteer orientation. Next Saturday we have to go through Therapy Dog Orientation and then we should be all set after that.

We plan to take Sagira to a few nursing homes before we attempt the hospital visits since the hospitals have more machines and noises, I think the nursing home will be less stressful for her at first.

The rescue group that we adopted Sagira from is doing an adoption event today. We plan to take Sagira with her donation vest to try to help get some donations for the group.

I will post pictures as soon as my computer is fixed (hopefully Monday).

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