Friday, November 21, 2014

Hotel stay

Here are some pics of us all catching some Zzzzs at the hotel

I always sleep at the top of the bed. See, when I was a baby and small I could fit on dad's pillow. Well as I grew I never stopped sleeping there, BOL

 photo 1010142135_zpsf78d20b0.jpg

Mom brought Starr's bed from home. She is wearing a diaper because sometimes when she gets nervous or anxious she leaks a little bit. But she did great this weekend.

 photo 1010142135a_zpsbb38327e.jpg

Tempest was watching TV with momster. Can anyone name that movie on TV?

 photo 1010142135c_zps5643e68e.jpg


 photo 1010142135b_zps5e9e3365.jpg


  1. Adorable. It's alway fun to stay in a hotel!

  2. Hey Sagira!
    Wow, you all had a great trip! I have never stayed in a hotel and it looks like fun. OMD my Mom's yelling "No one puts Baby in a corner!" whatever that means. Maybe that movie?
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  3. Y'all sure are having some comfy fun!

  4. Looks like you all had a great time in the hotel.


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