Friday, November 7, 2014

Getting a spa bath

Momster just realized how much she has been slacking on helping me with my blog and is back logged now. BOL

So last month we took a trip to Georgia because Tempest qualified to compete against the best disc dogs from around the WORLD. In order for us to go they made Bokeh and Tempest get a fancy smancy bath. Luckily our friend owns a mobile grooming van and she hooked us up.

Bokeh got to go first since he is a slob, BOL

 photo B101_1165_zpsfa89924c.jpg

He sure did give Miss Kim a work out

 photo B101_1166_zpscc852f7f.jpg

Being a flirt

 photo B101_1167_zpsb066dd25.jpg

Look he is WHITE now and now yellow anymore!

 photo B101_1168_zps4160e271.jpg

Tempie's turn

 photo B101_1175_zps7e2c5de9.jpg

She wasn't happy

 photo B101_1180_zpsf9837501.jpg

Dad, what are you doing to me???

 photo B101_1183_zps6daab6b0.jpg

Making her look beautiful

 photo B101_1185_zps616a728c.jpg

Ahh...much better now.


  1. {{SIGH}} much as we HATE to admit it.... the Grrrreat Feeling AFTER THE WATER TORTURE.. IS very much nice...

    We just HOPE that MOBILE Torture Lab doesn't come to our house.

    BUTT you three DO LOOK SPIFFY.

  2. Their whites are dazzling now!


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