Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tempest's first Freestyle

So last weekend our disc dog club held its annual JaMuary event. Mom and dad packed up Tempest and Bokeh, got in the car and went to pull out of the garage and saw all this water EVERYWHERE! The sump pump was broken and it was raining and water was just spraying everywhere. So they all got out of the car and dad tried to put buckets down to prevent water from getting into our home. Momster called our home warranty people and they said they would try to get there as soon as possible. 9:30 am (we called at 6 am) they showed up to fix it. It took the guy just 2 seconds to repair the situation and then mom and dad decided they still had enough time to catch 1/2 of the event. Bokeh didn't get to go because they already did the toss and fetch which is what Bokeh would have competed in. They got there just in time for Freestyle and Tempest got to make her debut. Here she is:

Tempest got FIRST place for her freestyle routine in the intermediate division. Not bad considering the weather has been really cold and dadster didn't practice a routine with her at all.

 photo VLB_6250-B_zps464429dd.jpg

After the freestyle they did team time trial. Tempest was on a team with Bokeh's Aunt (Bella) and cousin (Bazooka). They didn't place though because they didn't finish in time, oops! haha

After that was over they did something called the gauntlet. Momster didn't record that because it was a bunch of different games. Tempest actually scored the most in her division and got 1st place in that as well.

 photo VLB_6209-B_zpsc2eca643.jpg

At the end of the day they announced the over all winners. Tempest got best overall in her division as well. We are so proud of Miss Tempie!

 photo VLB_6251-B_zps58419f8b.jpg

She brought home LOTS and LOTS of toys and some supplements as well.

We also want to give a special thank you to Mars Pedigree who donated a year supply of dog food to one of our competitors and also gave us goodie bags for each person who competed in the events. Mars is always so nice to momster anytime she asks them to help out with either her rescue or disc events. Here are some of the competitors with their goodie bags.

 photo VLB_6229-B_zps785463bf.jpg

Also, wanted to say congrats to Tempie's sister Jerica for getting first place in the junior handler division.

 photo VLB_6200-Blog_zpsdb5bd705.jpg


  1. WOWSER BOWSER..... Furst Place and BEST OVER ALL... Way to go girrrrl. Guess that Sump problem got you PUMPED to do your bestest.

  2. Our furst comment MAY have been eaten by squrrels...
    What we Said was...

    WOWSER BOWSER.... Furst Place and Bestest OVER ALL. your Sump problem must have gotten you PUMPED to do your best!!!

  3. Congrats to Tempie and your dad. After all he is half the team. Jerica and her little handler are too cute!

  4. Concats to Tempie. She's doing great!

  5. Oh my goodness Tempest, you sure did great sweetie!


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