Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tempest plays with her sister

Tempest got to play with her litter mate, Jerica, the other day. They had so much fun playing Frisbee. I was busy sniffing around the grass and didn't get involved in all their Frisbee chasing. Here are some shots of them in action.

Her sister is a black and white border collie (this is the pup that mom would have picked from the litter but dadster chose Tempie, BOL)

 photo JWB_1165-Edit-Logo-Blog_zpse64dcb81.jpg

Jerica let Tempie catch one

 photo JWB_1182-Edit-Logo-Blog_zpsa24c277c.jpg

Beautiful girls

 photo JWB_1188-Edit-Logo-Blog_zps1f24d53f.jpg

Jerica beating Tempie up, haha...she needs this

 photo JWB_1302-Edit-Logo-Blog_zps1ec9d034.jpg

Two tired border collies (for five minutes)

 photo JWB_1320-Edit-Logo-Blog_zps0fbdffcb.jpg

Isn't Jerica cute??

 photo JWB_1330-Edit-Logo-Blog_zpsa843b19e.jpg

Tempie says, "hey dad, I'm cuter take my pic"

 photo JWB_1351-Edit-Logo-Blog_zpsfa017165.jpg

Jerica has one ear up and one ear down

 photo JWB_1386-Edit-Logo-Blog_zps4bda1254.jpg


  1. Sure looks like they had a great time playing together.

  2. You two sure were having a big old time!

  3. Jerica and Tempest Look like SISTERS... FOR SURE!!!
    THAT was a fun time fur them!!!!

  4. Good fun for the two sisters to play together.

  5. Wow, what fun zoomies! Excellent action pix and they are both so gorgeous.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  6. They are both adorable! So nice that they live close and can play together!

  7. What a fun playtime! We're writing a post right now that mentions your Chewy portrait-we got one too, so I thought folks would want to see yours, too.
    Cold enough for ya? It hurts out there...


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