Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 at World Finals

Well the second day started off a little better. Bokeh was wanting to play and having fun up until dadster and him got tangled up when he was trying to weave through dad's legs and dad stepped on Bokeh's foot. After that Bokeh didn't want to play anymore and would go to catch the disc and then just not catch it. Everyone told dad not worry about it and this was a huge environment and that he is still young and will get better. Even with Bokeh pooping in the ring and not wanting to finish playing on the second day he came in 43rd out of 46 teams. A friend on Facebook left a nice comment that said that the following "Don't forget, that's 43rd out of all the competitors in the world. Not bad when you think about it". That is so very true. Again it was such an honor just to be invited to compete against all these wonderful teams. It was truly amazing to watch them in person. Everyone was so nice and cheered each other on.

Video of Bokeh's second day performance

Here is a photo of dad and Bokeh after the award presentations. Bokeh received a medal and on it it says 2012 USDDN World Finalist. What an honor. We are very proud of you Bokeh.



  1. You know - it was huge just to be out there and performing. We are proud of you!


  2. A very proud moment!!

  3. Bokeh did very well just to be there.As your friend said, 43rd in the world is a huge achievement.


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