Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Toss and Fetch from Day 1 at World Finals

This is video of Bokeh's toss and fetch round from Day 1 at the world finals. Not sure what was going on but it was like Bokeh wasn't evening seeing the disc. He earned 12 points out of a possible 22.5. We are chalking it up to Bokeh is still a baby dog and very green.

Happy Halloween to all my blog pals as well. :)


  1. Hey Bokeh!
    Wow, don't worry about that one little bit. Your second one was a beauty! The most important part is to have fun and enjoy time with your peeps. So, that makes it a total success, my good furiend. Happy howloween to your whole pack from my whole pack!
    Grr and a Spooky Woof,
    Sarge, Trick-or-Treater

  2. I think he still did fanstisic. He will only get better and better.

  3. Well points or not, it was fun!

  4. Yes he is still a baby. It is easy to forget that, and the same thing happens with the horses. We have a young (4 year old) show horse at our yard who has been doing very well at shows and qualified for the Royal Horse of the Year Show. It is the biggest show in the UK, and when it was his turn to compete nerves got the better of him and he lost concentration. Like Bokeh he has plenty of time to mature and I am sure they will both cope much better with time. Bokeh did very well for his first outing to a World Finals.
    Eric and Flynn's mum Jackie


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