Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 3 at the Trial

Well, day 3 didn't go so well. But that is dad's fault. In my standard run he called me too soon and I dropped a bar to try to find him. After that we had fun though because dad already knew I didn't qualify so he tried some other things out and I went in the weaves on my second pole again.

Then we had my JWW course. Dad thought I would be nice and grumpy by this time and slow moving and well guess what, I wasn't! Dad was so shocked that I was running nice he lost his mind and forgot to run HALF THE COURSE! BOL. We got out of there in 24 seconds and dad didn't even realize what he did. The judge told him he forgot the weaves and dad was like WHAT?!?!?! Silly was a long weekend so we will forgive him this time. and dad were talking about how lucky we are to be able to watch Linda Mecklenburg run at our trials. For those of you that don't know Linda created the system for the way that a lot of people train in agility. She has many books out and a lot of people admire her. I actually compete against her dogs in the 20" height (I don't stand a chance) but we thought it would be fun to record one of her runs from Sunday and share with you guys. We especially thought our Border friends in CA would enjoy this so here is one of her runs.


  1. I like watching you do your thing. Silly dad. duh!

  2. You are such a GOOD DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad is a good Dad too!!!!

  3. OH NO... I guess you could put Mr. Jeremy... in the DawgHouse...

    NO, you would never do that to your dad. It's OK beclaws we all think you are SUPER no matter What happens or Whose fault it is.
    I'm just sayin.

  4. Take it easy on your Dad, you are hard to keep up with!

  5. We thinks you would already have your Q if it wasn't for your Dad. You really have to work harder on training him Sagira. Glad you had fun, that is the main thing.

  6. Poor Dad, we think you should forgive him this time. We love watching you do your thing, Sagira. Wish the Momster could do that with us too.

  7. wow, you guys looked so good, the weave should have been optional. The most important thing is that it looked like you all had fun so I vote for your Dad to be forgiven and given puppy kisses, which I know you would never hold a grudge Sagira ;-) THANKS so much for posting Lindas run, I love watching how she uses movement so nice, but boy that afrme scared me a little bit ;-) THANKS!

  8. Never mind Sagira, we'll let your dad off just this once.

  9. Hey Sagira - I finally watched all 3 days of your trial videos! You did such an awesome job! You are so fast now that you really make your dad RUN!! What a good girl! It was so fun to see you on that Saturday. You are such a sweetheart - just like your mom! :)


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