Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 2 at the trial

Sunday we went back to Springfield for day 2 of the trial. Didn't go so well. My first course was my Excellent Standard. Didn't start off so well, it started with a pinwheel which I don't like. They are very de-motivational. So...I finally got going again and got to the teeter and Bokeh decided to bark at me and I had to look to try to find him and that distracted me. Then once I got to the dog walk / tunnel discrimination I got sucked into the tunnel. So no Q for me on this one.

My second run was JWW. Something spooked me in the weave poles and it made me miss one of my weaves. So double NO Q for me. :(


  1. Since I don't know a lot about agility courses, all I can say is Wahoo, you look good girl. I mean, I love watching you run a course.

  2. You are allowed to have an off weekend!


  3. The second half of that jumpers course you guys were really moving, that was so very pretty It is hard to start on a pinwheel, and someone will have to tell your brother to wait until your excellent runs are done before he has to tell you what he wanted you to know, LOL, brothers can be distracting, LOL Good job, some days the Q gods smile on us and some days things happen ;-), we know about that!!! hahahaha

  4. Everyone has off days you will do better next time

  5. It was just an off day. Will make next time seem that much more terrific.

  6. TRIAL??? TRIAL? WAIT I gotta go get my Judgie Wig..

    OK... so now about these two days, I gotta ask..

    DID YOU HAVE FUN??? THAT is the impawtant thingy!!

  7. We all have our off days, don't let it get you down. The most important thing is just that you had fun!

  8. Everyone has an off day, Sagira. And we agree with Frankie...Did you have fun because that is REALLY what it is about.

  9. Have a break and take a rest!

    It's important that you have fun and that matters the most!


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