Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day one of the trial

So the first day of my 3 day weekend trial is over. I did pretty good. My first run was in standard and the course was pretty hard. Not many Q's at all and dad messed me up and sent me over the A frame instead of the jump (bad dad).

My second run of the day was JWW (Jumpers with weaves). This is usually a lot more fun for me but for some reason I wasn't having fun during the first part of my run, but after my slow weave poles I perked up and had fun and made it in just barely under time. I got a Q and picked up ONE whole MACH point, so now I am up to THREE whole MACH points and only like 746 more to go. haha

I also get to see Ricky today because he lives close to me and will be at the trial doing his thing as well. Good luck Ricky and mom! :)


  1. whoooo hoooooo Sagira you were moving, sounds like a good day, say HI to Ricky and his mom for us. Good luck have fun and run clean!!!

  2. All in all it looks darn impressive to me Sagira!

  3. Wonderful job, Sagira!!!!!!!!!!! We are soooooooooo proud of you!!!! xxxxxxx

  4. Wow!!! I wish I could move that fast! I am kind of a slow poke - oh well!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Good luck Sagira and Dad! We are rooting for you - we know you will do well!


  6. Well, poo on them, we thought you did great. We are your biggest fans. Go, Sagira!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. wooos! what great videos, looks like so much fun but I'm pretty sure I'd get distracted...


  8. Pawesome, Sagira!
    Good job!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. You are so awesome Sagira! With today you are really racking up those MACH points!!

    It was fun to see you today and to get to meet Bokeh! Both of you are such sweet and friendly dogs!

  10. miss sagira,

    i thought you did grrreat no matter what! i would have given you 50 gazillion MACH points!!

    the booker man

    pee s -- those weave poles scare the poopies out of me for some reason!


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