Thursday, December 9, 2010

New toy

So last night we went to Mutts and Co for their customer appreciation sale. They were having lots of good sales and had John Lafree there doing caricature drawings for free. Mom and dad have been wanting to have mine done but never got around to it and thought this was the perfect chance. So Bokeh and I had our mugs drawn by Mr. Lafree. (Check back in a few days for the photos of those).

Everyone in the store was drooling over Bokeh. They all wanted to pet him and of course he was giving out TONS of free kisses and butt wiggles to all. One lady even went home to get her friend to show her Bokeh. Mom thought that was pretty funny.

We got to pick out a new toy. Mom always tells me how smart I am so she wanted to get me a thinking toy. Here is a new video of me, Bokeh (and Samick makes and appearance) playing with our new toy. I was the first one to figure it out of course. Bokeh caught on really fast to and was getting the pieces out as well.

Bokeh gives you a close up of his baby blues

Also...please take a moment to stop by my friend Khyra's blog. Each comment she gets today a green paper is being donated to a wonderful charity. So stop over and leave her a comment to help out.


  1. Yay for new toys and charities!


  2. YEA BOKEH!!
    Now about a Cabinet Pawsition... Do you have something in mind... As Mayor... I can Create anything that we need or want... just let me know. The more the Merrier. We want Every Pawsibilty covered in Blogville.
    In case you are interested... I don't have anyone to be Secretary of our Neighborhood Window Watching Group. We need to encourage EVERYONE to keep an eye on the yards and sidewalks and streets.

  3. Cool thinking toy Sagira!! Nice of you to share with fuzzy Bokeh!

  4. Now that is something to be happy about, you get to have toys and at the same time be helping others too!! Hoooooowwwlll!!!


  5. Videos filled with khuteness AND smarts!

    Thanks fur spreading the word on the pawesome Canine Assistants Bark It Furward blog event!


  6. Love the videos!! Talk about a fun family!! Toys and treats and puppies and joy!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  7. Love the video, the dogs all look so good together and look like they are getting along so well!!!

  8. Sagira, you are an awesome Big Sister! Bokeh is learning so fast just by watching you! What a neat toy.

  9. That thinking toy is really cool and you proved that you're the smartest one of all. Bokeh is so cute and he learns fast too!

  10. That's a really cool toy fur sure! Those Bokeh blues are very pretty!!!

  11. Great toy, Sagira. But you must remember to reap the reward when you succeed at getting it out of there. Bokeh will learn so much more quickly from watching you - love those baby blues.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. You are very smart Sagira. We couldn't see the second video. It said an error had occurred.


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