Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sagira's first agility injury

Our training club had run throughs Friday night. We went just like any other time. Sagira was kind of tired because she already had Rally class before. Jeremy was putting her on the dog walk and she must have entered it wrong. Her two right legs completely missed the walk and she got hung up on it with her left feet, scratched her belly and got a strawberry on her belly and landed on her side. I was watching the entire time and had to cover my eyes, I was SO scared. She was fine except her strawberry and got right back up on the dog walk and continued with her run. She is such a little trooper. I am a huge worry wart though and now I am scared that she is going to get hurt doing agility. Is this normal for a first time agility dog mom to worry?


Her strawberry


If you look towards the bottom of the pic you can see her tattoo to from when they spayed her.


  1. Thank you for the warning. That photo was scaaary! I'm so sorry you got hurt, Sagira. I hope what appears to me to be a horrendous wound is just a boo boo to you. And remember, get back on that teeter asap

  2. vewy scawy but boy you are a brave girl to just keep going
    kinda like when jlo feel at the mtv awards
    you go sagira , you go!!
    we sure hope you feel better real quick
    wiggles and pibble sugar
    the houston pittie pack

  3. Arggghh!!! I'm going for my first agility class this Saturday! I got all psyched up from all of Brutus' posts, but now I'm a bit nervous. Hope you get better soon!


  4. Hi Sagira and mommy!

    Ooohh..that must've hurt! Hope you get well soon!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!


  5. Ouchie - that looks sore. We don't know anything about agility so no advice from here. But that sure brought out the sibe in her - typical stoicism.

    Hope she will be OK and Mom too:)

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  6. Ouuuuch!
    I hope it is not painful!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Ouch is khorrekht!

    I hope she got some yummy treats to help her heal!


  8. Yes, it's natural to worry. Yes, they all fall at some point. I see them fall now and then at school. the important thing to do is get her right back up like it's no big deal. not to fawn over her. (tho you want to, it will just reinforce that the thing is scary).
    even if you decide agility is too dangerous, it's important for her not to be afraid.
    you did good! really. glad she got back up!
    wild dingo

  9. Poor baby!!! I hope she got lots of extra smoochies and treats for her booboo!


  10. i hope u get better sagira!
    take lots of rest!


  11. My wife says they've had a few dogs fall off the dog walk, especially new dogs, but they go back up. We're sure Sagira will be fine!

  12. I don't do agility but I'm a sporty guy who chases my frisbee and tennis ball in the fields. I regularly get pawpad injuries from sharp stones. What can you do? They heal! You'll be just fine, Sagira!


  13. Sagira and Mom, sorry about your boo-boo! But you seem like a trooper. Just be more careful next time! Yes, mom, it is normal for a first time agility mom to worry. You just need to make sure Sagira is not scared of the dog walk next time she does it, (from the fall), make sure she gets plenty of rest between rally and agility too. Don't overdo it. She is such a beauty of a dog, she will be fine. Give her a kiss from Josie too. Woof!

  14. Oh Bummer Sagira....I am so impressed that you got right back up! WOW...you are a trooper! As for your Mom worrying, I think that is only natural for a Dog Mom to do....assure her you will be ok.


  15. OUCH! Sports injury....the worst! Take care, my friend!

  16. I hope you get well soon, Sagira!
    Take care!


  17. Oh poor baby - we hope you feel better soon Sagira. But it sounds like she took it well - like when a little kid falls and is bruised but just keeps going. You are just like every other mom out there - just like we all would be! We are sure she will be ok.

  18. Ouch! Hope your boo boo is better today!



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