Tuesday, March 10, 2015

IncrediPaws Trial Sunday

Here is Tempie's JWW run from Sunday. No Q because she did a few things wrong and dropped a bar but she had fun

Here is Tempie's Standard run where she earned her first Open Q and another first place ribbon

Here is my standard run where I got another Q and 18 more MACH points

Dadster is having knee surgery on the 12th. Please keep him in your thoughts.


  1. POTP fur your Dadster....
    Good Grief Tempest... you run like the WIND... You are faster than a speeding Squirrel.

  2. We will be thinking about your Dad, we thinks having fun is the most important thing.

  3. Hope Dad's surgery went well and that he is pain-free and recovering nicely. He DOES have the best care team around. Sending our strongest White Dog healing energies.


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