Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zanesville Trial - Sunday

A few weekends ago we went back to Zanesville for day 2 of the trial.

This is my standard run and I did something that I NEVER do. I got off the table before I was supposed to. You can hear mom GASP when I do it. BOL. I love keeping my humans on their toes. But on a good note, look at how fast I was moving. Momster has been on a health kick and she walks me 2 miles every day now and I am feeling better and you can tell because I'm moving faster. I think this is the fastest I have ever done my weave poles at a trial.

Here is Tempie's run from Sunday. She didn't get a Q either but she had lots of fun. She is too fast for dadster and he has a hard time keeping up with her, BOL.


  1. VERY IMPRESSIVE Runs.... and YES, we MUST keep the peeps on their Toes.

  2. Ya all are so busy! Great workout!!!

  3. You were poetry in MOTION! Great job!
    PS: Tempie did well, too!!!

  4. Both great runs! Tempest needs a sprinter to keep up - I think I'd hurt myself trying to run with her!

    Monty and Harlow


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