Friday, October 3, 2014

Sunday at the trial

Here are my runs from last Sunday at the trial. No Q's for me but I had fun. It is funny because in my standard run I refused to get on the table when dad first asked me to. If you listen close you can tell I shocked momster because on the video you hear her say "Sagira" like shame on me, BOL. Gotta keep the humans wondering, don't we? BOL

This is my jumpers run. Dadster didn't step far enough in to set me up correctly for the jump and if you listen to the video boy do you hear me let him have it. It was funny because the judge even said you tell him, BOL!


  1. Oh poor Dadster, you sure let him know!

  2. I always like watching you Sagira.

  3. hahaha you tell him! if such things happen, can you go back to the last point and start again without any points deduction ?


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