Thursday, September 11, 2014


Bokeh and Tempest got to go swimming at the new swimming spot. See, Starr is 14 and 4 months old now. She is having a little trouble walking around now a days and momster says that one of us needs to be a good brother or sister and stay back with Starr to keep her company. It was my turn to stay this time so Bokeh and Tempest got to go play.

This is Bokeh's first time at the swimming hole.

 photo 10660280_956578407700229_9196225040451203069_n_zpsb76d0da3.jpg

I think he liked it. Shake, shake, shake

 photo E10514407_956579404366796_7028952020044089493_o_zpsfc4d3200.jpg

What mom? It can't be time to go home yet!

 photo 10403663_956575181033885_1142718095510199825_n_zps81bba259.jpg

Stop taking pics and throw the darn ball already dad!

 photo 10551496_10152772935877160_3336740003046995755_o_zps9316a122.jpg


  1. It is good of you to take it in turns to keep Starr company. Looks like Bokeh and Tempest had lots of fun.

  2. Don't Cha Just HATE it when THEY want to do THEIR thingys... instead of what WE want to do? Glad that you had SOME fun though.

  3. Shake it up baybee BOL!! Looks like fun mates, I love swimming!


  4. Oh nice! Tempest looks very tiny when she is wet.

    I'm glad Starr had some company. Good job, Sakira.

    Monty and Harlow

  5. Y'all sure were having a wet and fun time!

  6. Oh, poor Starr!! Gettin' old sucks! At least that what Ma says!
    Sure looks like you guys had a FABulous time!!! WoooHoooo!!!
    (I hopes baths weren't a result of that wonderful outing! )
    Ruby ♥


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