Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chewy again

So we not only do review for Chewy but we use them for our own personal orders. That tells you how much we truly love them and their customer service. The other day the UPS man brought all these boxes to our house.

 photo EJWB_2736_zpsbbc93510.jpg

Starr had to go and investigate them. We got a slow feed bowl for Tempest because she likes to gobble down her food now. She went from one extreme (not wanting to eat) to now eating way too fast and some ear cleaner stuff for Starr.

 photo EJWB_2743_zps1b0f1237.jpg

We got a new water container since our last one broke. This one is HUGE and holds 5 gallons of water. That is what you need when you have 4 dogs and 3 cats in your house, BOL

 photo EJWB_2749_zps82fd0873.jpg

Momster also ordered a super huge pooper scooper. With all this snow there is a lot of poop out there so she needed something that could really get the job done. I think this should take care of that, BOL

 photo EJWB_2754_zps1013b6ee.jpg

and last but not least Grandma ordered a gate for her new apartment to help with Hershey. Best thing is she will have $20 donated to mom's rescue because this is her first purchase from Chewy. We love them!

 photo EJWB_2757_zps3d9486fa.jpg


  1. FURST..... how are your snow totals so far??? We had a tiny bit if ICE crust... NOW we are getting SNOWED on like CRAZY... Our county was put on a Level 2 Don't be out Driving just fur fun.. thingy... WE are SICK of THIS.

    NOW.... WOW what a super order from our furends We have not gotten ANY Kibble from ANY Other Place in over 3 years... since BEFORE ERNIE even... And our Games and our Snacks come from also. It just makes GOOD Sense.... No Shopping in a STORE.... except fur FUN and fur IDEAS... EVERYTHINGY is delivered FAST and the Orders are always RIGHT... and we just can't say enough GOOD thingys about CHEWY.COM.

  2. Wow! That is a big water bowl.

  3. Holy Cow Patties!!! Those are some PAWSOME boxes guys!! Now, I sure hopes in all of those Chewey boxes, there were some tasty treaties!!! I'm droolin' just thinkin' abouts it!!!
    Ma says she could use that pooper scooper thingie...and I'm just ONE doggie!! comment....
    Ruby ♥

  4. My boys just got some more treats from them to review. They haven't tried them yet, because they're finishing up the last of their other treats.

  5. Chewy is not Alaska friendly :(


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