Friday, November 29, 2013

Oh I'm stuffed

Sure hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

I (Sagira) was bad and stole a turkey wing from the counter. Dadster looked over and was like "What do you have"? Of course I had to lock my jaw and make it REALLY hard for dad to take away from me. The parents were in SHOCK as I am usually perfect around here and never get into anything (that is always Bokeh and Starr, BOL). Well that turkey wing sure was good until dad took it away from me. He told me the bones would make me very sick. Blah, blah, blah, dadster I wanted that wing!


  1. Ha! Glad your Dad was able to pry that wing from your jaws, Sagira! We think some serious Thanksgiving Day problems were avoided! Hope you otherwise had a good holiday!

  2. Oh man, he really took it away? I can just smell and taste it now!

  3. Ya know sometimes ya just gotta do what you gotta do and some days being good just isn't what it's cut out to be

  4. Sagira! I am surprised at you!


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