Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trial Day 3

Last day of the trial and it was my turn again. I did GREAT. Check out how super fast my weave poles are in this standard run.

and here is my Jumpers run

I earned QQ #8 towards my MACH (need 20) and I am up to 201 MACH points (need 750) to become an agility champion. WHOO HOO! Almost 1/2 way there.


  1. I cross my paws and I hope you will become Champion. For me you are the Champion!

  2. It is always a joy to watch you perform, Sagira.

  3. You sure are impressive and I am so glad to see you doing so good!

  4. Oh you are so good!!!! Dad's not too bad either!!! Keep it up, you will get there!!!

  5. congrats to my sweet girl. I knew you could do it. ~Fenris

    PeeS: I sent you an email inviting you to the Halloween Ball and our costumes. Hopes you likes them.


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